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The Benefits of a healthy colon

Your gut is one of the most important aspects of you health and it's offen overlooked and quite ambiguous on how to get back on the right track!

Gut health is reflection of your overall wellbeing as well as a glimps of the inflammatory nature of your body. When we have a gut that has been over burdened with antibiotic use, inflammatory foods and chronic emotional stress, we fall victim to LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. Which is a process where inflammation of the gut lining allows bigger molecules of food to enter into the blood stream, resulting in autoimmune reactions throughout our body.

Want something that will blow you away. Research cow milk protein and the similarities to the Islets of Langerhan of the pancreas to see how this autoimmune reaction looks in real life situations!

The gut is also reflected in your skin, because it's really the same tissue, just continued beyond the mouth. Yes it changes function but as a continues tissue.. it's the same continual peice. So if the skin is funky, you know the gut is probably funky too!

Getting past leaky gut is not an easy task. You first have to figure out what foods are causing inflammation, then eliminate them, followed by rebuilding a health gut flora by eating the right fermented foods and while supporting your digestion to get past any environmental or toxic barriers that stop you from digesting (think glycosphate).

In over 17 years of clinical practice, we have developed a system that works. Step 1; GI Oxidize, this powerful supplement harnesses the power of Ozonated Magnesium Oxide. Which is a super potent and powerful scrubber of the gut and digestive aid. Next, step 2; GI Enzymes, providing exactly what the body needs to breakdown your meals to gain the most from them! And finally, Probiotic SURGE repopulates the gut, making it harder for the "bad" bacteria to gain safe harbor.

A healthy gut blocks the overpopulation of "bad" bacteria, which release exotoxins and irritate the gut lining. The exotoxins are fundamental catalyst for leaky gut syndrome and some sources even think colon cancer.

Grab the 3 pack of the amazing products and start healing your gut! We are on a journey towards health and wellness, with the Sasquatch leading the way!

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Lea Anne
Lea Anne
14 dic 2023

I did not know the skin is an extension of the same tissue as the gut!

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